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Technical Details!

Doordarshan, the national television service of India, is devoted to public service broadcasting. It is one of the largest terrestrial networks in the world. Its network of 1400 terrestrial transmitters cover more than 90.7% of India's population.
Doordarshan Kendra Rajkot came into existence way back on 30.08.1984 as an Area Specific Kendra. The Programmed were radiated through the Satellite. Now it is being telecast from 10 KW HPT. The regional link-up of DDK Ahmedabad with all HPTs/LPTs in Gujarat started from 30.12.92.

This is the 21st year of the Kendra’s starting and the fifth year at the New Programmed Production Center near Aji Dam. The New Programmed Production Center was inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister of I & B Shri Pramod Mahajan. The New Programmed Production Center is having 20000 sq.mts land with construction area of 1600 sq.mts including Technical, Programmed and Administration section.

Rajkot Kendra is telecasting Programmes from 5.30 to 6.30 p.m. daily for five days in a week and the same is being capsuled and sent to Doordarshan Ahmedabad for telecast on DD 11 between 9.30 to 10.30 a.m after three days of this Kendra’s telecast. In PPC music 2 way/3way discussion, skits drama children programmes etc. are being produced and played from 10 KW Transmitter in Beta Format. Every Tuesday there is Live Phone in Programmed from Studio for 30 to 45 Mts duration. Besides this we often contribute News Coverages to Regional News which is telecast from DDK Ahmedabad.


Doordarshan Kendra Rajkot is having three different installation i.e. 10 KW TV Transmitter for DD-I , 10 KW TV Transmitter for DD-II NEWS and Programmed production Center all are sited near Aji Dam ,seven kilometers away from the main city. The population of Rajkot city is about Ten lac.

The 10KW TV Transmitter for DD-I is radiating full power and the reception quality of signal in the primary coverage area ( Radius of 60-70 Km) is found good.

The 10 KW Transmitter for DD II; radiating on 10 KW full power, The reception coverage area is near 60-70 Km and found good quality.

The 10 KW TV Transmitter BEL Make for DD-I was inaugurated on 30th August 1984 , same has been replaced with new NEC make 10 KW TV Transmitter on 10th July 2003. The 10 KW TV Transmitter NEC Make for DD-II was inaugurated; by honorable Chief minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi in presence of Shri Keshubhai Patel Ex Chief minister of Gujarat and Shri Vallabhbhai Kathiria Minister Heavy Industries, on 18th August 2002,and New Programme Production Centre was commissioned on 5th July 1999 by Sh. Promod Mahajan( Honourable minister Information & Broadcasting).

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The 10KW TV Transmitter NEC for DD-I is being radiated on 150 Meter Mast having two panels and at present both panels are working satisfactory.

The 10 KW TV Transmitter NEC make for DD-II NEWS is being radiated on 10 KW power and the antenna is installed on same 150 meter mast of DDI. The antenna for 10 KW power is under installation.

The two Numbers of Diesel Generators set 63KVA each has been provided for dd-I and DD-II for stand by power supply and both are working satisfactory.

For the reception of the programmes for DD-I and DD-II NEWS Digital Receivers (IRD) has been provided. Since this year we also received the KU band equipments for monitoring as well as used for both the transmitters and the quality of signal is very good.

The Details of 10 KW Transmitter of DDK Rajkot is given below:

Transmitter Make


Transmitter type

PCN 1610 SSPH/1

Band of Operation


Channel for operation


Channel Frequency (vision)

182.25 M Hz

Channel Frequency (Audio)

187.75 M Hz

Date of Commission as HPT

30th August 1984

Date of Replacement of Transmitter

10th July 2003


Transmitter Make


Transmitter type

PCN 1110 SSP/1

Channel for operation


Channel Frequency (vision)

527.25 M Hz

Channel Frequency (Audio)

532.75 M Hz

Date of Commission as HPT

18th August 2002


The 10 KW TV Transmitter NEC for DD-I was installed in the year of 10th July 2003 the overall performance of transmitter is very good.

The Transmitting Antenna for DD-I is having two sections i.e. upper panel and lower panel. At present both panels are in circuit and working satisfactory.

The 10 KW TV Transmitter for DD-II NEWS was installed in the year of 18th August 2002. The Transmitter is radiating on 10 KW From this year. The overall performance is very good.

The transmitting antenna for DD-II is 10KW UHF Kathrein make Antenna , which was installed recently.


One DV JVC make Video Cassette Player has been installed at Transmitter. At present daily ( except Saturday & Sunday)one hour local (ASP) programme from 1730-1830Hrs is telecast.


The schedule programme telecasted monthly average 570 Hrs including regional programme (108 Hrs average) and local (ASP) programme (22 Hrs average) by this Kendra.

The local (ASP) programme telecast of 1 Hour daily also includes
45 Mts” Live Phone in” programme on every Tuesday and WEDNSDAY (Fortnightly)

In a 1 Hour daily local (ASP ) programme the ½ hour progrmme is schedule for KISHAN CHANNEL


New Programme Production is having 20000 sq.mts in which construction area is about 1600 sq.mts including Technical, Programme and Admnistrative section, was inaugurated by Honourable Information & Broadcasting state minister Shri Pramod Mahajan on 5th July 1999 and started functioning from the month of September 1999.

This PPC is having Three Camera(KCA-125) set up along with video Switcher Prodigy with chroma keyer, Studio light with self-climbing control and nearly 62 lights fixtures in circuit with Dimmer control, Audio mixer along with Reverberation unit, three Numbers of Betacam SP Recorders and three Numbers of SP players along with Sony Video Monitors &four nos of DV recorders ;have been provided. This center is provided two Sony CCD Camcoder and Two DVC Camcoder units. Other equipments like video monitors and talk back facilities are working satisfactory.

At present apart from daily one-hour programme telecast(except Saturday and Sunday) this station has to send seven hours of programme to doordarshan Kendra Ahmedabad every week. Live phone in programme from Studio has been started with effect from 1st April 2001 . There is at least one ENG coverage daily and about 40-50 ENG coverage’s are being carried out in a month.

Doordarshan Studio

This center is having about 156 Sq.Mts( 14.3x10.9 Mts). In studio, there are 31 grids(Darbari) for hanging studio lights with self climber control and 62 fixitures in circuit with Dimmer control.

Audio Room

In Audio 8 Channel audio mixer (Webel) 2 Nos. have connected as it is being used as 16 CH# audio mixer. One Audio tape recorder (Meltron) spool type,Reverberation unit, monitoring amplifiers and phone in console(Webel Mediatroniccs Ltd diverted from DDK Bhopal) has been also provided and all the equipments are satisfactory.

VTR Room

For recording studio programmes one Betacam SP recorder has been provided along with Sony Monitors and all the recording activities are being carried on Beta format Video Cassette Recorder only.


All the electronic for all three cameras KCA-125 set up ,SPG, VDA, PDA, and other equipments installed at CAR room are working satisfactory.

camera control unit

Three numbers of CCU units , Video/ Wave form monitors and Vectroscope along with end control were installed and working satisfactory.


In Dimmer room light control system of Darabari has been installed. A receiver for monitor is also kept for adjusting lights in the studio for giving lighting effect.


Two sets of Edit Suits having Betacam SP Recorder and Betacam SP Players are being used for capsuling and other purposes. One edit suite has been provided with Computer ( Move CG 2001 ). Edit Control Unit (SONY PVE-500). 8 Channel audio mixer(Webel) & one audio CD player and other edit suite is having Video Editing System(SONY FXE 120P) .

NLE Facilities
NLE Room

Non Linear Editing system (NLE) IBM 6221 is also installed on 10.11.2003. in Edit Suit.

    1. Four numbers (each 15 ton) of Air Conditioning Plants has been provided for studio. All the units are working satisfactory.
    2. Three numbers of (each 10 ton) of Air Conditioning Plants has been provided for studio.All the units are working satisfactory.
    3. Nine numbers of window type (Amtrex-H, 1.5 ton) of Air Conditioning Plants has been provided for Rehearsal Room, Conference Room, Tape Library, ENG Room and Maintenance Room. All the units are working satisfactory.
    4. Four numbers of Split type (Sriram make, 1.5 ton) of Air Conditioning Plants with remote control has been provided for Edit suits and make up room. All the units are working satisfactory.
UPS System
The UPS unit is provided for edit suits for un-interruption editing system.

This center has been provided two Sony CCD Camcoders units and two numbers of DVC PRO units all the ENG coverages are being carried out on these Camcoders.


EFP van which was used at old PPC for recording purpose has been dismantled and some of its equipments are being used in new studio.

    On 31.12.05 Shri N.S.GANESAN G.C.RAI (CEW) visited this installation.